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Jack wolfskin presents: Reimagine adventure

The past few months have been lessons in change and challenge for all of us. But within this dynamic landscape, we have the power to reimagine what adventure means—not only in the context of recreation but how we shape our lives. This short film follows four people who have taken different trails towards the same goal: living their own versions of adventure.

Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant

For someone who didn’t think of herself as adventurous growing up, this conservation scientist spends her workdays doing things that most wouldn’t dare—like cozying up to large carnivores.


Benjamin Uyeda

What do adventure and making things have in common? For this designer, there’s always been little separation between the two, and that’s influenced how he views his craft.


Carla Riojas

The act of hiking once a week keeps this musician healthy and inspired, and sharing her journey has encouraged others in her local community to hit the trails, too.


Alexandra Fuller

Stifled by city life, this artistic Renaissance woman made a big move to the middle of the desert in search of space to create and explore on her own terms.


Reimagine Adventure on Local Trails

Three members of our pack and their hiking buddies set out to find their own local Wolftrails. They’re sharing the hikes they discovered and their best tips to help you adventure close to home.

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