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Environmental protection as our guiding principle

Environmental protection as our guiding principle

Since our foundation, we have been committed to protecting the environment within our own company, at our partner‘s production sites and throughout the entire supply chain. We strive to be a leader in reducing the industry’s impact on natural resources and continue to work on technologies that produce sustainable and durable products year after year. To do so, we are reducing CO2 emissions on all our transportation routes, use sustainable shop displays and fittings and promote eco-friendly mobility for our employees. To ensure that our entire supply chain meets our high standards, we work with renowned and experienced partners. Moreover, we have established total bans and restrictions on the use of certain damaging chemicals in the production process.

We Reduce CO2 emissions
on all transports

We Reduce CO2 emissions on all transports

The key to reducing our transport-related CO2 emissions lies in a complete overhaul of our logistics processes, the operative phrase being ‘supply chain management’ (SCM).

This is underpinned by an efficient and holistic planning and coordination system, which we have been using since 2017 to optimize our globally interconnected supply chain at all levels. We are now able to calculate the most economically and environmentally appropriate transport plan for each consignment, taking into account the availability date, mode of transport and route, thus reducing the associated CO2 emissions. In this regard, we have slashed our use of airfreight, in favor of sea freight. For example, we transport 90% of our global incoming freights - which accounts for the majority of our total CO2 emissions - by sea.

We use green electricity – in Part self-generated

Aside from reducing our electricity consumption, we focus on the use of energy from renewable resources. Since 2012, all Jack Wolfskin locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland have converted entirely to green electricity. We actually generate some of our electricity ourselves via Photovoltaic systems at our company locations in Idstein and Neu-Wulmstorf.

Wind turbine - energy
Green travel for business

Green travel for business

Protecting the environment means a lot to us, even when it comes to business travel. Jack Wolfskin staff are encouraged to take the train for all business travel within Germany and to the neighboring countries. We try to avoid traveling by plane, whenever possible.

Employees at our headquarters in Idstein have access to electric vehicles and E-bikes, which can be charged on-site at our offices.

Eco-friendly furnishing And Illumination In Our Stores

We remain committed to sustainability when it comes to equipping our stores, and use no pvc at all. We carefully select durable and long-lasting, organic materials such as domestic woods, and use recyclable construction materials. More recently, we have implemented an energy-saving lighting concept in all our stores.

Eco-friendly furniture
Green travel for business

A green headquarters

Natural surroundings at our head office in Idstein.

We have moved away from paved paths at our headquarters in Idstein, Germany. Since 2008, all paths on our campus have been replaced by sustainable and native greenery, from bushes and trees to plants and lawn areas. We have also installed insect hotels, as well as nesting and breeding boxes for the local bird life.

Native plants at our site now provide a home for bees, butterflies and moths.

We only ever use organic fertilizers in these areas and strongly oppose the use of any form of herbicides.