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Microplastics solutions

We are Working on industry solutions for microplastics handling

It’s not just large volumes of plastic waste that are polluting the environment; microplastics – minute and barely visible plastic particles – are increasingly becoming a problem. Microplastics are used in many cosmetic products such as toothpaste and shower gel. Microplastic is emitted during the use of synthetic everyday objects, such as abrasion on car tires when driving or through the wearing and washing of synthetic fabrics. The problem is that these microscopic particles are not even fully filtered out by wastewater treatment plants, meaning that they enter the seaover time. Researchers assume that they then absorb hazardous substances like a sponge, thus endangering the maritime ecosystem and human health. As the microparticles are eaten by fish, they eventually end up on our plates and back in our bodies. We are actively tackling this difficult and complex issue and are working on ways to handle these plastic particles in a more environmentally friendly manner. Our goal is not just to develop solutions for our company and our products. We want to develop sustainable options for the entire global textile industry.

We are currently involved in the following projects:

• Guppyfriend® washing bag:

We are offering the Guppyfriend® Washing Bag as an interim solution. This washing bag, which was developed by non-profit organiz-ation STOP! MICRO WASTE, has a built-in microplastic filter.

• Outdoor industry Microfibre Consortium:

This initiative of the European Outdoor Group (EOG) is supported by renowned companies and research institutions.

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