Sustainable Materials

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Recycled Materials

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All recycled components are certified in accordance with the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). A milestone in terms of recycled goods is undoubtedly our rain-proof TEXAPORE-ECOSPHERE jacket: not only is the shell and lining made of 100% recycled polyester—the same can be said of the highly technical, waterproof membrane.

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100% Organic Cotton

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We only use certified organic cotton in our products. Since 2013, all our products that include cotton or a cotton blend stem originate 100% from a certified ecological source. High standards are applied to growing organic cotton: it goes without saying that we strictly prohibit the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides as well as genetic modification of seeds.

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Down sourced soley from ethical sources where the animals’ welfare is paramount

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We do not permit the use of down in our products which stem from either live plucking or force-fed animals. Down and feathers used in our clothing stem from sources which have been certified from independent bodies. For more detailed information about Responsible Down Standard (RDS), please visit:

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Stringent requirements for our leather suppliers

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Stringent requirements governing harmful substances and strictly no use of leather from endangered species. Leather is used solely in the manufacturing of our shoes. We only use leather which comes as a natural by-product of the food industry, and not sourced from endangered or threatened species.

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Merino wool only from animals where thier welfare is maintained

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Mulesing is a no-go for us. We pay close attention to where our Merino wool comes from—only accepting wool where the animals’ welfare is maintained. We absolutely condemn cruel mulesing.

In favor of animal welfare and enironmental protection

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Our clothes and all equipment are entirely PFC-free. Our range of clothing as well as all packs and bags have been entirely PFC-free, i.e. manufactured without the use of perfluorocarbons, since the Spring/Summer Collection 2019.

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Say no to fur

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Absolutely no real fur is used for Jack Wolfskin products. We oppose the breeding of animals in order to harvest their fur. Also, we are against using fur for fashion reasons. Both undermine our company values regarding animal protection. Therefore, all the “fur” used in our products is made from high-quality faux fur, without exception.

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Say no to angoral wool

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Jack Wolfskin has never used angora wool. The animals are often kept in unethical conditions. We can also not be certain that the angora rabbits do not suffer when having their wool extracted. For this reason, we have never used their wool for our products.

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No nano technology in our products

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Jack Wolfskin does not approve the use of nanoparticles. These are minuscule particles which equip textiles with special properties, for example, water-repellent or antibacterial functions. As it stands, nobody knows how our bodies react to the particles and whether they pose any health risks to us. As long as we do not have conclusive long-term studies available on this, we will not use nanotechnology for safety reasons.

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100% PVC-free products

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We have banned the use of PVC from our products. The supposed advantage of the polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC)—its tremendous durability—is also its significant downfall in terms of environmental damage. The material is practically non-degradable. Since 2012, we have completely foregone the use of PVC in our products.

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Mosquito-barrier by construction

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Our mosquito protection has zero chemicals. A special extra-thick weaving technique will protect you from insect bites. And the added advantage – no chemicals are used.

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in line with Protective standards

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The highest standards for our kids apparel

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Our number one priority for design: zero risks for kids. Safety guidelines for clothing intended for children up to 14 years old have been outlined by the European standard DIN EN 14682 since March 2005. From the very first design, our designers and technicians pay close attention to the strict adherence to these requirements. The high safety standards forbid risks such as cords and drawstrings around the neck area.

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Long-lasting products

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Highest quality and correct care

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Our products stand the test of time—high quality products that benefit the environment. A crucial part of our sustainability concept is the manufacturing of all-round high-quality products which are extremely durable. The longer that our pieces retain their functionality and can be worn, the better they are for the environment. The energy and use of raw materials for their production become more efficient the longer the lifecycle of the product.

This is what We're Doing

You can read all about the sustainability measures we have adopted and implemented in our Sustainability Book.