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Pioneers in New Technology

Recycled materials are of the essence – We are Pioneers in new technology

All recycled components are certifies in accordance with the Global Recycled Standard (GRS).

Our Texapore Ecosphere jacket is a milestone in the world of recycled goods. The jacket offers the first 100% recycled, highly-technical membrane, manufactured from the remnants of the production process, eliminating any waste. The outer material consists of 100% reused PET bottles and is completely PFC-free.

Our zero waste concept applies to an even wider range of Jack Wolfskin products. We now produce fleece fabrics (Nanuk Ecosphere) and synthetic fillings (Microguard Ecosphere) made of 100% recycled plastics for apparel and accessories. These innovative materials are performing just as well as the traditional ones. We are close to being able to produce small parts like buttons and zips as well as polybags from recycled materials.

All recycled components used in our products have been certified in line with the Global Recycled Standard (GRS), meaning we can trace back and follow the supply chain to its origin.

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Durability that benefits the environment

Our products stand the test of time - high quality that benefits the environment.

A crucial part of our sustainability concept is the manufacturing of all-round high-quality products that are extremely durable. The longer that our pieces retain their functionality and can be worn, the better they are for the environment. The energy and use of raw materials for their production become more efficient the longer the lifecycle of the product.

With the correct care, the lifespan and retention of the functional properties featured in our apparel can be extended even further.

Durability that benefits the environment