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Strict regulations for our leather suppliers
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Strict regulations for our leather suppliers

Stringent requirements governing harmful substances and strictly no use of leather from endangered species.

Leather is used solely in the manufacture of our shoes. Only leather which comes as a natural by-product of the food industry - and not sourced from endangered or threatened species - is used.

Strict regulations governing harmful substances, as defined in our Green Book, apply to leather as for all the material in our products. The Green Book is a binding component in contracts will all our suppliers.

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Down Sourced from Ethical Sources

Duck and geese animal welfare - no live plucking and no force-fed animals.

We do not permit the use of down in our products that originates from either live plucking or force-fed animals. Down and feathers used in our clothing stem from sources that have been certified by independent bodies.

We have let the “Responsible Down Standard” (RDS) of the US Textile Exchange check our strict animal welfare standards since 2013. The RDS seal guarantees that the down used in our supply chain only comes from animals that have not been subjected to unnecessary harm.

Learn more about RDS
Down sourced solely from ethical sources where the animals’ welfare is paramount
100% Organic Cotton
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100% Organic Cotton

We only used certified organic cotton in our products.

Since 2013, all our products that include cotton or a cotton blend originate entirely from a certified ecological source. High standards are applied to growing organic cotton.

It goes without saying that we stricty prohibit the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides as well as the genetic modification of seeds, so that cotton farmers are protected against harmful substances.

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Merino Wool from Happy, Healthy Sheep

Mulesing is a no-go for us.

We pay close attention to where our Merino wool comes from - only accepting wool where the animal's welfare is maintained. We absolutely condemn cruel mulesing, which is a painful procedure carried out in the animal’s abdomen to stop insects from nesting. This process is still widely carried out in Australia, for example.

Fair Treatment Wool
No use of natural fur

No real fur in any Jack Wolfskin products

We are against the breeding of animals in order to harvest their fur. We do not believe in using fur for fashion purposes. Both undermine our company values regarded animal protection. All of the “fur” used in our products is made from high quality faux fur, without exception.

We are proud participants of the international Fur Free Retailer Program, which is the world’s leading program to connect fur-free companies to consumers seeking ethical goods.

Learn more the Fur Free Retailer program

Say no to angora Rabbit Wool

We do not use any angora fur in our products as we cannot be assured that the rabbits will not be harmed during the wool harvesting process.

No use of angora wool
100% PVC-Free Products

no nano technology in our Products

Jack Wolfskin does not approve the use of nanoparticles. These are minute particles which equip textiles with special properties, such as a water-repellency or antibacterial functions. As it stands, it is unknown how the human body reacts to these particles and whether they pose any health risks. As long as there are no conclusive long-term studies, we will refrain from using nanotechnology for health and safety reasons.

100% PVC-free products

We have banned the use of PVC from our products.

The durability of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is also its major downfall when it comes to environmental damage . The material is practically non-degradable.

As of 2012, we no longer use PVC in any of our products.

Mosquito-Proof By Construction

Our mosquito-proof protection contains zero chemicals.

With our mosquito-proof technology, we have developed an innovative, particularly densely-woven yet breathable fabric, which no stingers can penetrate. That’s why the shirts, jackets and pants from our Lakeside collection are 100% resistant to mosquitoes, without the need for chemical insect-repellent agents.

Mosquito-proof by construction