15 Hikes Near Memphis, Tennessee

Whether you’re a long-time native or making a quick weekend visit, there are plenty of beautiful hikes in Memphis,Tennessee. In this post, we share 15 trails in the Memphis area that visitors and residents alike should add to their must-hike list.

1. Woodland Trail Three Mile Loop

The Woodland Trail Three Mile Loop is a fun trail that explorers of all ages can enjoy. It’s a well-shaded route with enough incline to keep it challenging without being overwhelming. Dogs are allowed—and as the name suggests—it’s only three miles long, making it perfect for kids, too.

2. Herb Parson’s Lake Trail

Looking for beautiful views? Head to Herb Parson’s Lake Trail. This loop is just over six miles long with great views of Herb Parson’s Lake along the route. We love that this trail offers enough shade for comfortable hiking in the summer months and is well-marked for easy navigating!

3. Stanky Creek Trail

Don’t let the name deter you! This nine-mile loop is one of the most popular trails in the Memphis area for good reason. Even though it’s on the longer side, Stanky Creek Trail is easy to navigate and suitable for walking-age kids. The route crosses the creek in a few places and meanders through a lush, thick forest. Pack a lunch so you can enjoy every mile of this hike!

4. Overton Park North & South Loop

The Overton Park North and South Loop is a three-mile loop trail that boasts beautiful views and heavily forested paths—an accessible option for any beginner hiker looking for an easy escape from the bustle of Memphis.

5. T.O. Fuller State Park Trail

T.O. Fuller State Park Trail is a wonderful destination for both hiking and camping, a fantastic duo, in our opinion. The trail itself is just over 3.5 miles long, with plenty of shade and opportunities for birdwatching. If you plan to camp, we recommend reserving a campsite in advance.

6. Meeman-Shelby Biking & Hiking Trail

This is a five-mile out and back trail, which means it starts and ends in the same place by following the trail to an end point and then returning back on the same route. As the name suggests, it’s a great option for bikers and hikers alike, in addition to being kid-friendly, dog-friendly, and safe for wheelchairs and strollers.

7. W.C. Johnson Park Reservoir Loop

Want to spot some wildlife? Add the W.C. Johnson Park Reservoir Loop to your list of Memphis trails to explore. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a variety of creatures—from owls to deer to snakes.The 3.5-mile trail is well-marked and easy to follow, making it suitable for families and individuals with young kids hungry for adventure.

8. Kennedy Park Nature Trail

If you’re on the lookout for a quick, fun nature walk, we recommend the Kennedy Park Nature Trail. With well-paved paths, a simple boardwalk, plenty of shade, and wildflowers in the spring and summer, this three-mile hike will satisfy your need for natural beauty. Bring along your furry friend as well, just be sure to keep them on a leash!

9. Old Forest Loop

If you don’t have a ton of time but still want to get some fresh air, the Old Forest Loop in Overton Park is only a mile long with minimal elevation gain. Overton Park is the only old-growth forest in the Southeast that’s located in an urban environment, making it a special habitat for local bird species.

10. Wolf River Greenway at Kennedy Park

The Wolf River Greenway is suitable for all levels of hikers and boasts both forest and lake views. At just over three miles, this paved path is wheelchair-friendly, stroller-friendly and dog-friendly—as long as you keep your furry friend leashed.

11. Chucalissa Archaeological Discovery Trail

This 2.5-mile loop trail is a habitat for a variety of snakes, salamanders, frogs, and tortoises. Enjoy the forest views and bring your bug spray if you hike this trail in the warmer months.

12. Wildlife & Pond Trails

You guessed it—the Wildlife and Pond Trails, located in T.O. Fuller State Park, is awesome for observing wildlife. Yes, there’s a pond, too! This mellow 2.5-mile loop is partially paved and easy to follow—perfect for a kid-friendly outing. Dogs are allowed as long as they are leashed.

13. Tour de Wolf Trail

We love this trail, and not just because of the name! The Tour de Wolf Trail is a 5.6-mile loop boasting a beautiful lake and fantastic views. There are plenty of trees to offer shade in the summer months, and the terrain is gentle enough for hikers of any skill level.

14. Limestone Loop

Heavily forested and pleasantly shaded with very little elevation gain, the 1.5-mile Limestone Loop in Overton Park is a wonderful option for a leisurely walk. Keep an eye out for little critters like frogs and lizards.

15. Hyde Lake Loop

This quick, mellow two-mile trail wraps around Hyde Lake, offering lovely views of the water. There is very little shade available so wear plenty of sunscreen, a hat, and sun-protective clothing, especially if you’re hiking in the summer months.

Time to Hit the Trail

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