Ronan Donovan and the Jack Wolfskin Team

Searching for Mr. Blue

At Jack Wolfskin, we support the continued reintroduction and protection of wolves gloabally as part of our commitment to ReWilding.

We have sent Ronan Donovan, field biologist and conservation photographer, to immerse himself in the harsh snowy conditions of Yellowstone National Park to bring back unprecedented imagery of wolves in their winter habitat.

We want to show you honest stories of wolves, the fragile progress made, and the threats they face.

“I hope that my images have the power to shift human behavior, education, and ultimately policy.”

“My life is dedicated to giving wolves a voice.”

We need a better understanding of our shared experience with wolves and wildlife.

“I have never seen a wolf that looked like him.”

A famous Yellowstone wolf known to the biologiests as 755M (which is his collar number) and to the tourists as Mr. Blue.

We struggle but wolves are perfectly adapted to this challenging environment.

“It’s a constant hoping and wishing that things are going to work out.”

Ronan sets up “camera traps,” when an animal moves past the sensor it causes the camera to fire, recording an image or video to the memory card for later retrieval.

“We fear what we dont’ know. It’s an animal instinct.”

“You try to read these cues that are visual and behavioral.”

Ronan Donovan, conservation photographer